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App Development

Application Development

Our ability to develop applications in a number of the industry’s most popular languages and platforms gives us universal appeal. Plans for the future are to move a number of our data access products and reporting tools to web-based platforms to provide a number of benefits including ease of deployment and an increased measure of availability.

Database Design

Database Design

Data modeling and Database Design Clients in the mineral resource industry generate a tremendous volume of business and technical data. Many clients know that this data needs to be managed and kept secure, but they are not clear on how to do so. At Stride, we maintain that a data management solution is only as robust as its underlying data model. Information systems simply cannot function effectively if the underlying data structure is weak in its design, or if the overall approach to data management has not been put under a tremendous amount of scrutiny.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design “intelligently normalized” data models that have the ability to be configured to evolve with the business they are serving and can do so for all of the departments in the organization.

This ability provides us with a tremendous competitive advantage. We have the ability to take what many consider to be unique and specific requirements and model them into a solid, transaction-based and industrial-strength data model that will serve the needs of the entire enterprise - not just one individual or department.

We specialize in bringing critical business data from a wide range of sources together into a secure, robust and reliable home. This allows the data to be effectively managed, and made available to those who need it - when they need it.


Systems Integration

Stride's particular specialty lies in bringing data together from a wide range of sources, from spreadsheets to in-house databases to complex client-server applications into a cohesive unit. Many experts feel that the use of disparate systems is the single largest problem that is faced by companies in the mineral resource industry. Our experience in working with industrial-grade enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as JD Edwards (PeopleSoft), as well as many of the leading operations planning and modeling systems gives us tremendous insight into the integration process. Careful planning and a sound architecture allow seamless integration of the critical information management systems, and allow our clients to make confident, accurate and timely decisions based on reliable and secure data.