About Us

Our company offers a unique blend of IT expertise and industry-specific knowledge to clients in (and around) the mining industry. We are experts in data process analysis and database design, as well as software design and application development. We have the knowledge and experience that it takes to interpret the data management requirements of your business both today and in the future.

Our products and services include industrial-strength data management and business intelligence tools and the expertise to use them most effectively. These tools are all designed to improve decision-making and operations management. Our product “modules” can be used separately, or as a highly cohesive integrated solution depending on the needs of our customers.

Our clients include mining companies themselves AND those who provide products and services to the mining industry in many forms. This provides us with a unique insight into the data management challenges faced by the industry. We understand how a constantly evolving business environment demands data management tools that are capable of evolving with a business. Put Stride’s data management “horsepower” to work for you. Let us help you achieve your overall data management goals!